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Israeli Family Celebrates Homecoming of Grandmother Taken Hostage by Hamas

Her 13-year-old son is in America. She is stranded in Djibouti. What can a Yemeni mother do?

Yemenis Thought They'd Won the Visa Lottery. Then came Trump's Muslim Ban.

Asylum Seekers Behind Bars

Asylum Seekers Behind Bars

Under Trump, asylum seekers fleeing persecution in their home countries are detained and denied parole.

Queens landlord pushes DHS tip line to scare immigrants out of rent-controlled units, residents say

Abused Palestinian women face stigmas on top of mistreatment.

The Syrian refugee crisis divides a town in rural Sweden.

How do people with unstable housing survive winter in Stockholm?


I'm a global nomad and multimedia journalist who's reported from four continents. I'm currently a senior journalist on the BBC's news desk in London. Previously, I was a reporter with TIME covering global news. 


Before that, I covered breaking news, politics, social issues, transportation, business and health during the pandemic as a reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle. Before that, I reported on immigration and local news for the Albany Times Union and the Alabama state legislature for the Associated Press.


I've freelanced for Al Jazeera, NBC News, the Intercept and others on social issues as diverse as the impact of Trump's travel ban on Yemeni-Americans in Djibouti to marital rape in India. 


Raised in Europe, I started my career working in communications for an anti-sex trafficking nonprofit in India.

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