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The Protests 

New York City, 2016 | Washington D.C., 2017 

Protester at Love Trumps Hate rally, NYC


Protester at Love Trumps Hate rally, NYC


Evangelist at inauguration protests, D.C.


Protesters against Keystone Pipeline prepare in case of pepper spray at inauguration protests, D.C


Police blockade the scene of inauguration protests, D.C.


Message on a smashed car at inauguration protests, D.C.


Protester at inauguration, D.C.


Protester at Women's March, D.C.


Lingering messages at the Women's March, D.C.


A family rallies at the Women's March, D.C.

The Holy Land 

Israel and the West Bank, 2013 

A Muslim woman walks to Friday prayers in Hebron, Occupied Palestinian Territories

A Jewish woman prays at the Western Wall

Graffiti on the separation barrier between Israel and the West Bank

A Jewish man and woman pray divided by a barrier at the Western Wall

A soldier holds his gun at an IDF base near the Israel/Gaza border

Jewish women pray at the Western Wall

A young girl watches the procession of Franciscan monks, The Old City, Jerusalem

A Muslim woman passes a group of IDF soldiers, The Old City, Jerusalem

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